Our Approach

Tribe Rising is dedicated to helping good causes grow and succeed online.

In particular we have decades of collective experience working with environmental advocacy.

Tribe Rising doesn’t build websites in the traditional sense, rather we work with clients over the long term to build their organisation and win their campaigns through consistent development of new site features, and informed online strategy in a relationship closer to a partnership than a traditional client/provider relationship. In this way, clients are never left with a site that is broken or simply unable to do what their organisation or campaign requires. Instead of worrying about managing servers and backend systems, you can focus on campaigning and fundraising for your cause, knowing that technical and strategic expertise is a phone call or email away.

Our key points of difference to traditional web shops

  • Tribe Rising builds online communities that we care about, not sites or databases.
  • We work exclusively with Not for Profits and ethical businesses with whom we share values.
  •  20+ years of NFP online campaign and fundraising experience between our core team of three.
  • Tribe Rising solutions are a service, not a one off product.
  • Tribe Rising’s communities are all based on a common suite of software, The core is open source enabling rapid adoption of new technologies and greater security than is possible with a fully proprietary system. Tribe Rising’s exclusive charity tools enhance this system to focus on fundraising and advocacy for your cause. These tools advance with each implementation benefiting you and other values aligned organisations with new features and methods and thus creating a better world.

Tribe Rising develops your online presence via an initial development process in combination with a monthly service plan that is flexible to your needs. Small developments can be implemented in the monthly service plan while larger features can be quoted on individually.